Colac. We were out in Geelong one weekend, and had nothing planned for the day. I said to Annie, ‘What about visiting Colac?”. She looked at me incredulously and said “Where’s that???”, followed by “What’s there to do?”.

Anyway, I told her that it was volcanic area (dead or alive, I’m not sure), and off we went, under pretty much wet conditions from Geelong. Thank goodness it cleared up when we got there.

Colac’s about two hours south-west of Melbourne, or around an hour west of Geelong. Not many people know this (or maybe because it’s just not advertised as heavily as The Great Ocean Road and Twelve Apostles), but the area around Colac is the 3rd largest volcanic plain in the world. The Age reported that the volcano there was ‘due for an eruption’, but I’ll be suprised if it happens.


Google Maps link here.

Did you know that Colac has a Botanical Gardens facing the lake? Would probably have been nice to be able to walk around a bit more, but we didn’t have that much time to spare, plus the trail was muddy, and you and I know that strollers and mud don’t mix well.




We were driving home with Jj trying to sleep in the car, so stopping was not a good idea by this time. But we saw this on the way home and I said to Annie that we had to stop. The next few was all taken within a few minutes. But man, wow. Simply wow.