I wanted to post this a lot earlier, but my procrastination seemed to have got the better of me. 😛 Anyway, this all started a few years ago when I got better at photography and wanted to print some landscapes.
To my initial confusion and then horror, my first few prints was horrible. The colours were either under/over-saturated, or too bright/dark.

Anyway. Long story short, I made it work. Today I wanted to show how different your prints can look sometimes. I took a walk down Elizabeth Street down in Melbourne CBD, walked into three stores – Camera House, Teds and Michaels. To compare I made some prints from Photobox, one of Europe’s largest destinations for printing (a partner of Zenfolio, a company that offers web services for photographers).

Disclaimer: I am not an expert, or someone who likes experimenting and researching too much. Neither am I paid by any company to write revierws. I just like making things work. 🙂

Photo compare photobox teds michaels camerahouse 1

Photo compare photobox teds michaels camerahouse 2

Photo compare photobox teds michaels camerahouse 3

Photo compare photobox teds michaels camerahouse 4

The Photobox prints came off quite accurately from my monitor. From the photos there are a few observations:

  1. Camera House is a bit too dark.
  2. The prints from Teds seem to have a greenish tint on them. This is more evident on Picture 1.
  3. Except for Picture 4 where the contrast is darker (but still acceptable), Michaels seem to be the best choice.

Conclusion? None. I suppose my research isn’t conclusive enough, but it does hint towards choosing your printer carefully. Price isn’t the factor, as walk-in printing at Teds were a lot more expensive (unless you’re a member and you’re willing to wait 24 hours). Hope this was helpful!


Update 7 Dec: Since posting this and putting it up on Twitter I’ve received a couple of replies from Camera House and Michaels. Nothing from Teds, so maybe their Twitter feed isn’t regularly maintained (this is only an assumption). But Michaels have been quite good (well they do look like the clear winner here) and they’ve promised to get back to me with some questions that I had. Stay tuned.