This is part 2 of 3. You can read the first one here.
I’ve been reading and examining Craft & Vision’s Chasing Reflections, by Eli Reinholdsten. You can get it here for USD5. So, inspired by his work, and seeing how naturally reflective Sydney can be, I thought to try out some reflection work.

sydney-day-3-3 sydney-day-3-1 sydney-day-3-2

No point being in Sydney and not check out the Apple flagship store. Futuristic piece of work. The picture below right was taken on the way to the bridge. Funnily enough, we’ve been to Sydney a few times and have never walked this way.



Night falls and this was our Christmas present – a dinner at 3 hat restaurant Est. The food and experience was amazing, and although we’ll probably never come back again, it’s one that we won’t forget in a short time. Of course, me taking photos of every dish that comes out does make us seem a bit suaku (for explanation, see here, and scroll down).


Third day and time to leave Sydney. But before that, we stopped by Adriano Zumbo‘s patisserie in Balmain for breakfast. Being fans of the Masterchef series, it seems like an obvious choice to check it out. Tried some tasty macaroons and a chocolate brioche.

Two and a half hours later (yup, MAJOR traffic jam) we were finally reached the Blue Mountains. Caught a break and drove down for a quick visit to Wentworth Falls.



Then a quick (well, it was crowded) lunch at Leura and a drive to Scenic World for the rides proved to be a somewhat disappointing experience, as it was jam-packed with tourist buses and people (obviously). Somehow it seems that 30 December is always the busiest day of the year for them. My advice? Don’t go 30 Dec, and come earlier to make it worthwhile, rather than us squeezing and waiting for every ride.

Having said that, I did catch some nice lights and images.

katoomba-4 katoomba-5

You’ll probably be thinking at this time – where’s the pictures of the 3 Sisters??? I didn’t take any on that afternoon actually. Just because I didn’t like my angles at that time. But I made Annie take a quicker dinner so that I’ve got time to catch sunset and twilight. Which I did. The good wife was in the car when it got too cold and itchy with the mozzies.


My closing shot for the night. More to come.