I didn’t have much leave, but I did have the Christmas shutdown period to do some travelling. We took a roadtrip up to Sydney, stopping by Goulburn and Canberra (on the way back), with a detour to the Blue Mountains. Two thousand-plus kilometers and 6 days. Tiring, but rewarding. You’ll never see what Australia really looks like from the air.

This was our overnighter at Goulburn. Starting at 11am in Melbourne, we reached Goulburn around 6.30pm, and an hour before we arrived, it really started to pour on the highway. Wasn’t fun driving, but as we were exploring Goulburn after dinner, the sun began to set and this huge rainbow suddenly appeared! We wanted to get a better view of it, but once we found the right place (a hill nearby) it was gone. Ah well.


Next day we drove up to Sydney, just in time for lunch at the famous and ever-busy Din Tai Fung. If you ever want great xiao long bao (Chinese pork dumplings), then this is the place to go. Again, it’s busy as, and if you’re already starving, look elsewhere. Next up, we checked in at our accommodation for the next 3 days, the Park Royal Darling Harbour.


Great staff, and great room. Location and price was pretty good too. I highly recommend this hotel. It’s only 3-4 minutes’ walk to Darling Harbour.




I finally had a chance to take a dusk/night shot of the Sydney harbour. This was taken down at Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair. If I may say so, Mrs. Macquarie sure does like bats.



I really wanted to check out two exhibitions showing in Sydney, and so we did. First up was Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer’s Life showing at the Museum of Contemporary Art. If you’ve never heard of her, just Google her and you’ll recognize some of her works (Nicole Kidman in a dress on stage, Whoopi Goldbery in a bathtub full of milk, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Demi Moore naked and pregnant, and the Queen just to name a few). Later it was The First Emperor exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW. While it doesn’t match the original exhibition in China, it does offer a closer look at the terracotta warriors. Both are definitely worth seeing, if you’re in Sydney.

We found this restaurant called Home purely by accident on the way back to the hotel. Apparently it’s from the owners of Chat Thai, which is apparently pretty good, but I must say this is probably one of the best Thai restaurants I’ve been to. So much so that I’ve left a review on Urbanspoon.


Last picture for this post of Sydney harbour. More to come.